Vol.125_Johan Silverman

Johan Silverman
from Tokyo, Japan
Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung

Please introduce the brand JOHAN SILVERMAN.

"JOHAN SILVERMAN" began in Paris, France in 1996. Currently, it is based in the U.S. and Japan and is dealing with gold/silver accessories and leather products. The goods are featured simple and modern(JOHAN SILVERMAN’s feature) are all handmade after several sampling.

What are the characteristics of 'JOHAN SILVERMAN' that are different from other Jewelry brands?

We are creating Jewelry inspired by works of art, culture, travel, sound, and fragrance.
Our Jewelry Design Team has a wide range of designers, including fashion designers, car designers, and artists. Based on such diverse experiences, the artisan, who has been waxing on this field for 20 years, will complete Jewelry. It's our way of thinking that is not about creating this "design," but how to describe this "thought" as Johan Silverman.

What is the attraction of 'silver' that Johan Silverman uses the most?

Silver is the most polished metal in the world, but when it touches air, light drops at a fast rate. In addition, people say that it has scratches easily and not a good material, but it has differences of color with scratches and sweat depending on people who use. So we think silver is very attractive to make a variety of felings.

What is the most difficult part of making jewelry every season?

It does not always come to the design from thinking. Because it is constrained by material and size. Still, it is fun to make Jewelry despite the difficulties. It feels like life.

When designing Jewelry over many seasons, I think there will be a lot of conflicts and difficulties in many areas such as brand philosophy, designer's point of view, season, and fashion. How do you find a compromise?

Jewelry by Johan Silverman is inspired by a variety of objects, events, and expressed in combination with various reasons and grounds. And there is not a single person with the same values.
Showing the same design appeals to some people and gives them nothing. It's something that can't be helped. This is because the circumstances in which one was born and raised are different. So when producing jewelry, it doesn't make a compromise. I think it's just what consumers feel about our jewelry. So we are making Jewelry with various minds.

What message would you like to send through JOHAN SILVERMAN?

As I answered above, I hope that the person looking at our brand will think of Johan Silverman's Jewelry as an item that will inspire and make creative thinking.

I know that the head office is in Japan. What do you see, feel, and experience there?

The main office is now in New York and Tokyo.
We are inspired and motivated across a wide range of arts and fashion at there.
The constant smell, architecture, and sound of the city affect our daily lives a lot.

What are you interested in these days?

I recently started watching a play or kabuki (Japanese traditional entertainment). I was able to reconfirm that there was a lot to be gained in areas that I had never experienced. (Laugh)

What are your plans for the second half of 2018?

Until now, we have been colloborating with various artists, however, we haven't worked with apparel brand, yet. We cannot real the name of the brand yet but we are currently planning a collobration with this street brand, and we are really looking forward to it.

What is the most difficult part of making jewelry every season?

It is not always happening - the making imaginary into reality all the time. It is mainly because we have certain limitation by its material and the size of it. However, it is always fun to create jewerly among these difficulties. It is just like our life.

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