Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung


Please introduce your brand, ‘CAVA’.

CAVA is a platform for selling works of contemporary artists working in various genres, editing shops, lifestyle brands and curating agencies. The online site www.ca-va.life allows you to purchase a variety of creative works representing our generation, including art, design, furniture, ceramics, graphic design, music, video art.

How did you start CAVA?

There are so many wonderful and interesting works in the world, but I do not know how to buy them. I did not like the market logic of a small number of art collectors, and I felt that the division and hierarchy of existing art, crafts, and design industries did not match our generation either. I want to talk about how much consumption and enjoyment of culture and art can make our life better. 

As there are explanations of each work at the gallery, being able to see all of the descriptions of the art and of artists through kakaotalk chatting, looked like a very convenient and fresh service.
I wonder how it came to a system.

For those who feel a sense of distance to the works they see in the gallery, they needed a friendlier, new way of dealing with their work. Above all, it was a store, not a showroom, so it was important to create an environment where it was easy to buy. It is inconvenient for me to attach a price tag to my works, but there are also some difficulties to follow along with about 40 works by authors and hundreds of works. So, when I entered the unique number of the work in the Kakaotalk messenger window, I came up with a way to check the artist and description of each work and to buy it immediately.

What was the criteria for selecting artists who participated in CAVA's pop-up store for the first time this year?

Fresh eyes, new attitudes, and compelling work to represent our times.

How did you think about your first pop-up store? 

As we intended, it was exciting and fun to see people approaching and touching their work, thinking about the interior of the living room, reminding someone to present, talking about the value of the collection, and intervening in their daily life in various ways.

What message would you like to send through CAVA?  

As William Morris said, we all need beauty.

What do you see, feel, and experience in Seoul?  

The energy produced by the limit.

What are you interested in nowadays?

Meditation and Cats.

What is the plan for second half of 2018?  

A new pop-up space in the fall and a global site change at www.ca-va.life.

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