Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung
Photography offered by HYEIN SEO


Please introduce about your brand ‘HYEIN SEO’
HYEIN SEO is a label based in Antwerp and Seoul. I started with my name, but
now I work with my co-founder Lee Jin-ho and several friends who I have met
in Antwerp.

How did you start up the brand?
During my bachelor at Antwerp, I began to build up my brand as I debuted in
New York Fashion Week through VFILES as a college collection. Since I was
a student, I had no experience, so I helped my friends, and since then many
things have started without a doubt.

Please introduce to the recent released 2018 SS
'Do not Deliver Us From Evil' collection.

The Spring/Summer collection started with Marquez's book Love and
Other Demons. It is a gothic novel based on Colombia in the 18th century.
It begins with a story of a woman walking down the road with her red long
hair down to her feet. I wanted to explore the ethnic ambience of South
America and the iconic monasteries, witches and exorcisms, and various
symbols of love in novels. Personally, I liked decorating and handcrafting
as much as I dreamed of cheering, but for the time being I did not show
much in the nature of the brand. There are some people who do not like
you, but I wanted to fill this collection with more personal preferences.

It's been four years since you started the brand.
What would be the hardest moment preparing a lot of collections?

I expected it to some extent, but it is still difficult to cover the non-design
parts. Design should eventually lead to a good product, but it takes a lot
of time and effort to solve the problems that occur when new details or
patterns lead to production. I do not want to compromise with the easy
design, and at least it is hard to produce, so I do not want to give up every
single details and design

When designing costumes, there will be a lot of conflicts and
anxieties in brand philosophy, designer's point of view,
season and fashion. How do you find a compromise?

Finding a compromise is surprisingly simple. As mentioned earlier, there
are several friends in the team who have studied in Antwerp and London
and have completely different backgrounds and tastes. When I design
all my clothes, I try to find a consensus that 'I still can wear this product'
apart from gender and taste. I want this brand to be very contemporary
and popular.

What message would you like to send through HYEIN SEO?
We want our clothes to be pleasing to oneself, not clothes to please
others. Because it is based on a women's wear, I think about a woman's
prize a lot. I do not want any details in the design to be part of the body.
I can not wear clothes that make my body uncomfortable. Women who
are in HYEIN SEO would like to have a healthy and confident attitude and
character. I want to feel a little more tough wearing clothes. haha.

What are you interested in nowadays?
Personally, I spent a few months waiting for the director Lee
Chang Dong's new work. My friend works with him, so I get to
borrow the script and get to see his previous works and novels.
I am looking forward to the premiere of Haruki in a few days.
My interest now seems to be the roast generations that are
probably living in Seoul and there.

What are your plans for this year 2018?
We are planning an event or presentation in Seoul for the first
time. I just wanted to do something in 'My Seoul'.

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