Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung

Photography offered by KIJUN


Can you please introduce about your brand ?

The lexical meaning of the standard is the underlying standard. It is a name that is meant to suggest a new standard of KIJUN. The standard is to combine heterogeneous elements to present a new standard of beauty. We are trying to convey the freshness and wit through the work of reconfiguring the existing doubles and the combination and development of various materials.


How did you start up a brand?

SADI (samsung art & design institute) This is a brand made by Kim Hyun-woo, who majored in fashion design, and Shin Myung-joon, who majored in costume design at Konkuk University. After graduating from school, Kim Hyun-woo, who worked for a fashion company, left the company because he wanted to expand his own design world. After that, I started a partnership with Shin Myeong-joon, who had a friendly relationship with me, and started a fun project. Kim Hyun-woo, who was interested in design, focused on the design part and Shin Myung-joon, who was interested in branding, paved the framework of KIJUN with his brand planning.


KIJUN 2018 F / W debut 'LE GRAND BLUE' costume, which was launched for the first time this year, is inspired by the fate of the Indiana Jones' unreleased series, Atlantis. How did you connect Atlantis fate with costumes?

"Fate of Atlantis" was nearby the release of the production for the film, and it was produced as a video game and it was a major hit. If this work is made into a movie, it is a collection that imagines what characters will appear. When designing the collection, I set up the overall mood and then developed my ideas into muses and stories. In the background of Hawaii, where the movie Indiana Jones appeared, he created a musketeer and surfer, Muse. In Dr. Jones's explorer's outfit, he mixed a pop-colored wetsuit of a surfer. In addition, a variety of content including surfboards, marine life such as killer whales, sunfish, and gold and silver treasures of the Indiana Jones series were added to harmonize with costumes.


Last March. The presentation presented at the club trunk was impressive. In addition to costumes such as mannequin costume, pin lights, smog, etc., the detail that did not miss a small part was astounding. I am curious about the space composition and preparation process of the presentation.

While looking for a place to match the ancient ruins of the ocean floor in Indiana Jones "The Destiny of Atlantis", I remembered the club trunk we usually play with. I started to think that it would be fresh if people drunk and danced and transformed this space where exciting music came out into the seabed. I used pin lights and smog in an empty trunk to create our imaginary space. The rough mood of the trunk is taken as it is, and the pose of the mannequin is gracefully directed in the background of classical music, maximizing the sense of heterogeneity. I felt that the subtle beauty that comes from the contrasting combination of standards and clubs is consistent with the image we seek.


What was the most difficult part of preparing 2018 F / W for the first time?

Above all, there was not enough time. As a concept, it was not easy to work in parallel with other tasks while directly manipulating designs that required manual work. It took a lot of time for the handicraft work, such as pants, knit skirts made of embroidery skill, and a coat for biz art to panel, which had to be stitched with one stitch of jewelry. Thanks to a lot of help around, I was able to complete this collection.


This year was the first season, but when we design our costumes, there will be a lot of conflicts and anxieties about brand philosophy, designer's point of view, season and fashion.

I believe that I can grow through my inner conflicts and anxieties, rather than shaking from the surrounding environment. If you try to solve it face-to-face without avoiding the problem, you will surely find a compromise.


What message do you want to send through 'KIJUN'?

I hope that people are encouraging new beauty rather than traditional beauty.


What do you see, feel, and experience in Seoul?

Seoul has changed rapidly over time, but we have a new experience every time for a long time. When we walk around Gwanghwamun, the contrast between the high-rise buildings and the old palace gives us a lot of inspiration. Observe in different places in Seoul the heterogeneity of the gap between the unchanging and the rapidly changing ones.


What are you interested in these days?

B-cult movie, classic ballet, and disco music


What is your plan for this year?

We will prepare for overseas market entry. Of course we are also thinking about next season.

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