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Please introduce us about your brand.
INSTANTFUNK is a unisex line, a brand that is finished with a design that both men and women can wear comfortably, plus a trendy style of INSTANTFUNK in basic items.
You are activily working as a stylist even before launching INSTANTFUNK. What was the reason for launching?
I liked clothes very much from my childhood, so I became a stylist. Didn't think about making the brand big from the beginning. When I was styling celebrities and saw lots of clothes, I was somewhat sad and started think about "How could it be better?" That's why I launched my own brand.
Recently, your brand opened a flagship store. I think customers' responding was good enough to be out of stock on the day of opening, how does it feel to feel customers' responses on-site instead of online?
First of all, thank you so much to our INSTANTFUNK crew friends who supported me so hard for the store opening. On the opening day, I only let few people know. The opening was in process quitely, but many people congratulated me more than I expected. I opened the store because I always thought pictures couldn't put all about INSTANTFUNK clothes. Every single one who came our store were telling me that it's much beautiful to see our clothes rather than pictures, and they even bought some items. I was so proud and had a lot of thoughts. There was a lot of pressure to work harder as more people expect.
INSTANTFUNK products look great in material, design and detail. What is the most worrying and nervous part when designing a product?
Most basically important is the quality of the clothes and the quality of the material for products. Design is important as well and there are a lot of important things but I try to give customers a satisfaction through the material, pattern, sewing and quality the most because I love those things. Since my job is a stylist and a designer, I see lots of clothes. Design is very significant but basically I want my customers to get satisfied with the material, pattern, sewing and quality.
The products, styling, and concepts that are shown in the lookbooks of every season really feel like everything is well calculated. How the production process works?
My husband is a photographer. I work with him every season together. We always think about the concept while watching movies or getting inspired in another country. Until the moment of choosing the last picture, we are considering together. It's a great happiness to work with my husband. 
What was the fun episode while producting lookbook?
We take lookbook photoshoot in another country every season. On 16FW, we bought the items by ourselves, came back to hotel and painted them. Of course we couldn't bring all to Korea so we left them there. Also, we explained our clothes to street fashion people and foreigners on the street and took photos of them wearing INSTANTFUNK clothes. Their reaction was so great so it was pretty satisfied work.
What are the concepts and features of this 2017 S/S?
Re-interpreted design of London's vintage, modern, comfortable and free routine with colorful sequences and various materials.
What is the sensitivity of INSTANTFUNK?
Making INSTANTFUNK's own sensitivity through somewhat unlikely combination, basic but somewhere twisted combination.
From 2015 F/W, you've been leading the brand around 2years, how have you been leading the brand in the meantime?
I did not know anything, but I started by bumping one by one. The more years I grew, the more greedy I became and I wanted to do better. It is more meaningful because our workers who were together every season are all my friends who were with me from the beginning.
What are the things that
interests you these days?
After launching the brand, I feel strongly interested by creating a new design. There is nothing as exciting as a design that has been thought of vaguely is made into a product and sold to consumers.
What is the new plan for 2017?
I aim to advance overseas. We have set up a plan for a fair that we have been preparing since last year and for overseas stores.

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