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Please introduce us about your brand.
‘thisisneverthat’ is a casual menswear brand which started in 2010 Spring in Seoul. All of our work begins from our daily memories that we have with the city that we live in. We try to search for meaning in all of the things that we see in life, that we see during this whole process of producing and creating. We support various methods that people use in art. We are developing our brand having this big image of the aspect of delivering messages through fashion in the back of our mind all the time. Also, we are trying our best to let our customers to ‘feel’ the balance of our products when they wear it, not only when they look at our brand. Everything starts off from deep thoughts we have in our daily life.


Recently, there was an exhibit of thisisneverthat SPRING SUMMER 2017 at Worksout located in Apgujung, Seoul, South Korea. The theme was ‘1993 LAST FESTIVAL’. What is unique about this season especially?
We were very much influenced and inspired by the 2nd album of Seotaeji and the children. (1993 is the year that this album was released, and ‘Last Festival’ is the last song on the track.) We offer the new look of sports casual wear in the early 1990.


It was very impressive how you used sports look and street look of the 90s, neon color and mixed them together with current fashion trend. Which part did you put most thoughts and time into?
Color. The color of sportswear and sweat style in the 90s and how we will use various colors. We used neon colors for collaboration with Vans and ‘have a good time’, we actually like neon colors so we included a lot of theme.


What I’m personally excited about is an expansion of female line of thisisneverthat. I feel like that a lot of woman will be looking forward to this, so do you think this will be happening all the time from now on?
Yes, we are planning to open out female line as well from now on. We don’t really have bombastic reason. We just wanted to do this for a long time.


It’s always a gossip in fashion industry about the way ‘thisisneverthat’ represents each collection through lookbook, videos and invitation package. I also found it super witty and the mood is always on point. How is this possible? And what is the process of this?
Image is very crucial in our brand. We would like to deliver what we are through images rather than texts. Therefore, we put a lot of time and thoughts into visuals and videography not to mention our design of course. Not also we generate all the ideas but we also do all the works. Works as in like, shooting, editing, aftereffect, design and etc. I think this is the reason why the viewers are surprised by how unique the creations are. We are actually proud of this.


Do you have any funny moments or episode you could share with us while you were creating look book and videography for this season?
Haha, we shot our video and photography in LA for this season. I mean, it’s oversears so we had to take care of a lot more things.. so it was quite impossible for us to have any spare to time to even have ‘funny moments’. But I guess.. visiting Universal studio in LA was the most fun episode. Haha.


So it has been 8 years since the launch of the brand in 2009. How do you think you led the brand?
The year that we established our company is 2009 actually. Our first collection was Spring/Summer 2010. We really just started from the simplest mind. “Let’s create something that we want to wear”. Us three, were friends even back then. It’s crazy how it already has been 8 years. We tried so much to advertise our brand in the beginning, but now we do this for an expectation that we receive from our customers and also because we want to do things better and better and better… haha


What kind of message do you want to deliver through thisisneverthat?
We do not deliver messages. We express it!


What are the things that interests you these days?
I want to do something new. Challenge something new. Searching for that ‘new’ thing is what interests me.


What is the plan for 2017?

We are doing SS 2017 currently, so I preparing for FW 2017 is our plan. Obviously. Haha




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