Interviewed by Kim Kieun

From Seoul, South Korea

Please introduce HALOMINIUM to our readers.

HALOMINIUM is a fashion studio that researches and produces garments and objects based on genderless and practicality. B.H. (Before HALOMINIUM) is an irregular collection which is experimental and the early works were created as limited editions. A.H. (After HALOMINIUM) is RTW and is being launched regularly

HALOMINIUM has a different vision towards the work-wear.

I wouldn’t say I focus mainly on work-wear; I’d rather highlight the notion “work-wear” and think more about the environment of various types of working processes.

You have developed collaborative work with many different people.

The newest collection OKINAWA GALS (2019) had a pop-up store with not only HALOMINIUM garments, but also with products selected from various artists who work about Okinawa, Japan. We introduced the model Ibuki Sakai who produces stickers together with artist goods, we presented pictures of Okinawa by Charyoung Lee, Sangho Noh’s new project called Pic’s animation and Daham Park’s selection of music about Okinawa. It was really fun for me as we were not only introducing goods, but we could deliver the feeling of OKINAWA GALS richly.

How do you think people perceive your brand?

HALOMINIUM wants to deliver a unique statement using diverse media, not only represent a fashion category. For instance, we can produce comic books and present mix-sets. And why not organize a performance show?




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