Interviewed by Kim Kieun

From Seoul, South Korea


Please introduce briefly the brand CHINDOWN.

I would say it is mostly boyish and natural. All of the three members may have different ideas, but when we create, we start from our interests in pure characters. Mainly, the concept of the brand comes from this boyish attitude that we all like, so it appears naturally on the clothing

Can you tell our readers 3 things you are interested in?

Malatang – the Chinese soup we all like. Ice tea – We stop for internet cafés (PC Bang) before finishing the work. Not for the games, but for the food. We sit there and order 3 glasses of ice tea. We love it with churros. London – We have all met there. And two of the team members used to live there. We are always interested in London.

What is your opinion about the fashion scene in Seoul?

Other cities internal life might be the same with how they look, but in the case of Seoul, it depends a lot on the trends and how the city lets itself be dominated by them. We can’t escape facing it, but I wish it becomes deeper, with more details. I could see more and more cool people and it makes me look forward to the future.

Tell us the goal of CHINDOWN and how people should understand your brand.

I wish people can feel the story of our brand. We want to present our lifestyle and taste. We all have different tastes. This is why we decided that the concept of the first collection is “Diary”. I don’t think we live in special conditions and I’m somehow expecting the sympathy of comfort. My taste can be similar with the taste of others, but accepting difference is really important. We take care of design, production, fabrics, sewing, pattern and quality like all the others. I’m sure that we can produce a different quality and silhouette, although we might be placed in the same category as others. So I wish people would try to wear our clothing and explore difference.

What would you like to say to people who are now starting to prepare a brand?

We started our brand with Kim Chan, who is a veteran of the fashion scene, but even so, it’s not easy to do it. Everyone would say that they can learn in time and have their own know-how. I wouldn’t say not to focus that much on the know-how, it is always fun when one works with interesting ideas and experiments.




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