Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung
Photography offered by MOKOO
Please introduce your brand ‘MOKOO’
The brand ‘MOKOO’ was established in Milano, 2017 by a Korean designer.


How did you start the brand?
It took time and I have organized myself to set up this brand. I wanted to begin brand marketing as I started the brand, I studied acquiring necessary information, technique materials etc. living abroad. 

It was very impressive to use LED fabric on clothes. 
We work through combining materials organic and futuristic fabric. One of the on-going brand concept is light on which our work has been focused. 

What was the most sensitive part of preparing your brand for the first time?
There‘s nothing easy. Generally speaking, 
we had difficulties in oversea market as a
second language speaker. 

This year was the first season, but when you design garments, there will be a lot of conflicts and anxieties about the brand philosophy, designer's point of view, season and fashion. How did you find a compromise?
Mainly we are emphasizing the balance between basic and experimental, new comfort functionality and wearable. We also have to keep the season fashionable to some extent.

What kind of message do you want to express through ‘MOKOO’?
At the beginning, achieving goals were everything that I focused on, but now I want to make clothes that everyone can wear regardless of age. 

Working and living in Milan, what do you feel, and experience?
I still have a lot to learn. Living in Milan and onboard Europe, there are many things deeply related to art, such as various works, sculptures, music, etc. everything I see and feel in Milan is a good experience to me. 

What are you interested in these days?
I'm working on it! looking for new interest.

What is your plan for this year?
I am thinking about a brand promotion and an exhibition or a show plan.

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