from Seoul, South Korea


Please explain about your brand name and concept.

The brand name “Lemeteque” is came from the French singer George Moustaki’s song. It means temporary resident. “Freedom is the most important” is our slogan as well and it is combined with my experiences about moving and travels. The one of fundamental elements for our brand is Silk. In ancient time in China, Silk Road was the platform of cultural and financial exchange. I don’t like the perspective that silk is very formal and luxurious, I consider the silk is the one represents the freedom in our brand.

I could see the variety of the layering and structures from your collection.

Our moto is giving and present their freedom who choose our collection. We have a lot of details and ways how to wear our collection. For instance, our signature item is the reversible pants. One side has the normal and the design that you can wear daily but on the other side have the very colorful prints. So, we give to the choices to people who wear our collection. It shows also the double-sidedness and it provide to the people that can present their character.

How do you select the fabrics and other materials.

For the silk, not only the way how it manufactured also the thickness. Although it’s the same silk, still there are many kinds of silk from various weaving styles and thin to thick, very various types. When I choose materials, I consider most that it must be nature as it comes from nature. For instance, the buttons, I use pearl buttons which has the delicate colors. It always looks very good with silk shirts.

How do find your inspiration.

Generally, I don’t get any of it from places, music, objects, although I can have grateful and good memories with them. I inspired by the observation and meeting with people. Recently I met the musician ELO and became a friend together. Although we are working in different field, I get inspired from the conversation while we share our stories and values what we are taking care of. I also read a lot during a day. I think I inspired most of it through the reading. Recently I read books from Yuval Harari and Albert Camus. I can learn not only for the fashion, I can receive the insight, self-realization for my life, like life-inspiration. For the music, I choose musicians with lyrics, as I consider songs are a book. Recently I really enjoy Georges Moustaki and Steven Tyler. They write lyrics with their own experiences and I could feel sympathy and Fantasy by it.

Place where you like most in Seoul.

I like the place called ANDO vice versa. It’s a vintage concept bar. You can see diverse objects from there, such as vintage garments, Hi-end brands’ archives, military archives, furniture and vintage objects. They are working to open another place in Changsin-dong, Jongno and I’m very looking forward to seeing it.

What is your plan for soon and future.

We received the support from Seoul Fashion Creative Studio, and we will have our studio there as well. Now I’m with our modelist and visual director, therefore I can focus on design more. We are aiming to participate on Seoul fashion week and start international wholesale program. For the future, I wish we can establish our identity with silk and reputed as we are the stylish designer brand internationally.

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