from Shanghai, China


Please introduce us the brand “SHUSHU/TONG”

Established in 2015, by Yutong Jiang and Liushu Lei, both graduated from LCF. SHUSHU/TONG is simply the most reasonable and cutest combination of our name.

How did you first start the brand?

We did a mini collection before graduating, to figure out how a brand works. Tongtong and me were friends almost 6 years by that time, same BA course and MA. We came up with this idea because we find each other have so much in common, the music, animation, aesthetic etc. It‘s always easier to do something together instead of work by on your own.

What characteristics does SHUSHU/ TONG have, different from other brands?

We want to build a different type of girlyness. Cuteness isn’t just something soft, but also can be cool and tough by expanding the definition of Cuteness.

What message do you want to deliver through SHUSHU/TONG?

Girls are powerful.

When designing costumes, there will be a lot of conflicts and anxieties in brand philosophy, designer’s point of view, season and fashion. How do you find a compromise?

We try not to think too much of this, sometimes you do see some images which inspires me, but it doesn’t have to be on trend. This is also a advantage of being a designer brand which you have lots of freedom.

What do you see, feel, and experience in Shanghai?

Shanghai is very exciting now. People I know who studied in London, Paris, New York City are coming back to join the community. You can make friends from different background.

What are you interested in these days?

Now I‘m trying to recover from the long fashion week. For us we have to do Paris and Shanghai fashion week, which means a month of non stop working.

How would you like to finish this year of 2018?

Stay with friends and drinking.

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