Frica jewelry presents ‘PIERIA’


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Photography offered by PIERIA


 Please introduce us about your brand.

The first brand name 'Frica' was inspired by 'Africa', the beginning of humanity. I thought the beginning was most important because there was not even now without the beginning. And Pieria, a brand new name from this year, is the name I saw in Greek mythology from Mount Pieria, where the goddess Mousai (Muses) were born. Also, from our design perspective, the design is created by combining the details seen in the architectural style of the old church, the feedmeat representing the futuristic viewpoint, and the crown of the brand's delicate detail and effort, just as it is felt in the logo .


 Since 2011, you have been leading the brand in the name of Frica. Why did you change to Pieria from this year?

Only the brand name changed, and the name of the company continues to be used as 'Frica'. The reason I changed the brand name as 'Pieria' from this year is because we used it as the meaning of 'the beginning' for 6years and it felt too extensive. So the company continues the name 'Frica' and the brand name changed to 'Pieria' (which is the name of Mountain in Greece and where goddess Mousai go up and pray.) 


This time, the film of Pieria are far from the 'good' images of jewelery products that people often imagine. What is the video concept that uses the movement of the model's body curves and the numerous magnets and metal balls attached to the body?

I wanted to approach it from a more original point of view. It has been felt that it is cliched to shoot similar to the pictures shown in other jewelry brands so far. So I have expressed the image of the brand with 20 kilograms of iron powder, 1000 magnets, and 4 chains made of 600 meters, just like dots are gathered and lines are gathered on the surface.


 There seems to be a lot of twists and turns in the field of film production preparation and shooting.

As I filmed this video, I felt that I had a lot of good people around me. In fact, the concept of video has been worrying for over a year. In the meantime, I talked with many people and exchanged opinions. Everyone said that this video is unlikely to be realized. However, the video director Blueyoon, make-up artist Hong Min-Cheol, stylist Kim Young-jin and a sign director Choi Dong-hoon who participated in the film were different from others. They thought that the concept that I think must be with them in order to appear in the video, and they have shared many opinions with me before shooting.


Pieria was more curious about the "story and meaning" of the product than "beauty" and felt closer to "work" than "product". When designing a product, what is the most worrying and nervous part?

It is incomprehensible to say that it is a work. We think color of product is important color. This is because we believe that merchandise, that is, popularity, is also an art. And storytelling is important. I wanted to talk one by one and communicate with the consumer.


 Where do you start with ideas and inspiration for your brand?

Usually designs are inspired by memories of childhood rather than creation. And I get a lot of inspiration from things I like.


What role does Pieria play in customers' daily routines and fashion?

It sounds like a distant story yet to become a role. To be a role for the other person is to be the culture of the person. It is a really difficult story, but I hope that Pieria will be their culture.


What is the sensitivity of Pieria?

Always aim for neutrality design. It melts masculine, feminine, and popular sensibilities.


You have been leading the brand for about 6 years since 2011. How it seems to have led the brand in the meantime?

I met many people and went to many places and felt many things. I learned clearly what this world is like. It was interesting to look back at the time though.


 What are you most interested in these days?

Creepy pasta (you'll find it on YouTube)

When I was young, I was only interested in beautiful, pretty, creative, cute, unique, interesting and fun. But now I am thinking that something scary, dirty, disgusting and horrifying can also be art. I seem to need Astonishment. If anything makes you feel something (even a good or bad point) it is interesting.


What if there is a new plan for Pieria this year?

I got a branch office in Japan. It was planned for one year. The Japanese people are thinking too much. Store interior and official website are renewed, and eshop is changed to global version. I hope collaboration will be a year of no plans and focus on the brand itself for the time being.



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