Vol.114_WINDOW 00

Editor_Sasha Kong
Photography offered by WINDOW 00

Please introduce us about ‘WINDOW 00'
WINDOW 00 is a brand that is located somewhere between South Korea and United Kingdom. It is not really philosophical or serious.. does not really have any special meaning. I didn’t really give any meaning into it when I named the brand. On the aesthetical side though, some sort of gloominess and elegance coexists.

How and why did you start your brand?
Us three met at Central St. Martin. We all studied menswear, exchanged positive influences, and naturally creating this label altogether.

Do you think you were born with talents?
I don’t think we have ever thought it that way.

What does color mean to you?
The medium that can express yourself.

The concept and the color of your band is very unique. How would you want people to perceive it as?
Rather than hoping to be understood, we would hope the style that our brand has can be naturally mixed with the point of views of individuals.

Do you have items that you specially adore? If so, what are they?
We have key items carefully selected every season before we get into our collection. I especially adore the items that are the representations of the season.

What are the factors that you treat inportantly when you are in a designing process?
Not to be deviated from the prescribed mood.

Slogan of your brand, 'We are very boring and arrogant, Wild sometimes' is very impressive.
Could you explain it more to the readers?

I would like you to take it as it is. It is the story that we would like to tell through the brand.

Where do you get your ideas and inpiration?
It is different every time. It can be the culture, certain century or the people around us. It can be anything that we like.

What are you interestesd in the most these days?
We are in a situation where we brought the brand to London recently.  It is the expectation towards the unknown future of what’s going to happen in Europe.

What are your plans for the future?
We are preparing for our show that’s going to be held in London this November. It is an unusual show to support students at St. Martin and it is the first time we meet with audiences in London. The distant future plans will be branded according to our intentions.

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