Interviewed by Kim Kieun

From Paris, France

"For now, I have no agenda. I compose songs because I need it for my soul, for my body."

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, people! Are you reading these lines from Korea? It’s amazing! Nice to meet you! I’m Flora Fischbach, I’m 27 and I write to you from Charleville Mezieres, my little city in the north of France. A deep and dark land covered by woods, the French 'Twin Peaks', but in the 19th century romantic way. Since 2011, I have been composing music on my computer, I also sing it, and I’m a DJ, too. They call me Fishbach.

How is life in Paris for you? What does Paris mean to you?

I have spent 6 years in Paris; at first, I came to Paris for a guy I was in love with. But Paris is also the city where I met my music family. This city is really different from the rest of the country – there is something special about Paris, it is a really international city. I met a lot of musicians and friends here. Dirty city, but beautiful.

I wonder how you divide your life between being a musician / DJ / actress.

I’m a super curious person. I began making music because I said «Yes» to the proposal of making a synth-punk band when I was 17. Since then, I have continued to explore, as it feeds me. When you begin a solo music project, it’s your heart and your soul you give. It’s intense. I like to play music for myself, with friends and strangers, but I like the music of other people, too, and that is why I’m DJ-ing, for a mutual purpose. I love it! I’ve been acting because I had a wonderful offer for a role. It taught me to be another person, to be part of something bigger than me, where I don’t control things. I actually want to learn something every day.

As a DJ, what kind of music do you usually play? How do you compose the atmosphere at a party?

It depends where I play and at what time, but I always feel free to create a certain atmosphere at a party. I love to surprise people, to make them laugh sometimes. Especially, to make them love some guilty pleasures, so that their snobbishness no longer controls them. I have to admit that I play a lot of 1980’s and 1990 ’s music but being more and more focused on electronic music in general ‘cause I love it.

What kind of music do you like as a singer? For instance, tell us your favorite singers or bands.

I love the powerful voices, like Kate Bush, Freddy Mercury, Klaus Meine, Nina Hagen, Daniel Balavoine, Vitas, Patti Smith (I have so many names to say).

How do you prepare your albums? Do you have a specific agenda or interests that are reflected in your music?

For now, I have no agenda. I compose songs because I need it for my soul, for my body. I live my life as a woman, listening to the world. I also compose ambient music, soundtracks. I am constantly learning. Songs are really important. I’m thinking to release them in another format than the album. For now, the format of the album it is just a support for me. Maybe I’ll change.




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