Vol.125_Kentaro Okawara

Kentaro Okawara
from Tokyo, Japan.
Interviewed by Oh Jiyoung

What kind of artist are you?

I am an artist born in Tokyo in 1989. In 2011,
I graduated from Faculty of Art, the Tokyo Polytechnic University,
and have been presenting my works both in Japan and abroad.

When did you start drawing the picture?

From childhood, I liked to draw pictures and crafts and
exchanged postcards with my grandmother. Then I realized
how good communication it was by pictures. It was the
paintings of Basquiat, who got me attracted in expression
while I was in college. Although I skipped the task "Free
Draw" at the class, I am still possessed by the impulse to
express the self.

What kind of 'theme' does your work mainly talk about?

It mainly expresses love. A person can not live without
love and there might not be works without love. Through
experience and thought, invisible love can be created, which
we had not realized till yesterday. I am making a work,
thinking that it is good if such experience is shared with a lot of people.

What kind of works have you been doing lately?

I am working on pictures scheduled to publish next year
and creating works for my solo exhibition and
lately challenge ceramic arts.

Who is the most influential artist in your work?

There are many favorite artists, but the first one is Basquiat. His work taught me the joy
of expressing freely and it was turning point which made me indulged in the painting.
There are still many new findings and lessons in his work.

What are you crazy about recently?

I like to drink with my colleagues the most.

What do you feel and experience in Japan where you live?

Every year, there are many natural disasters and accidents in Japan and I feel sorry at that
time but I am more depressed by press and government’s action. Criticism and responsibility
avoidance become news of the whole country. On the other hand, I live with the love of my
friend and family every day. I want to be able to pursue what is really important and solve this
complicated world.

Where and What will you be doing in October?

I will be in Bally from middle of Sept until early of Oct for collaboration with
Mr.Kanoko Takaya, a Japanese artist living in Bally for one day exhibition.
After return to Japan, I will work on painting books to be released in winter.

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