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Izumi Miyazaki

Editor_Jihyun Yi


Born in Yamanashi Prefecture Japan. Graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Tokyo Musashino Art University in 2016. While still at university, she posted surreal photos on Tumblr using herself as the subject, and became an instant hit on the web. Participated in Comitia, a fair of self-published (dojinshi) manga, and Tokyo Art Book Fair in Japan, and exhibited works at European art fairs. After graduating from university, held her first solo exhibition, “Cute & Cruel”, at the Wild Project Gallery in Luxembourg in June 2016. Scheduled for inclusion in Fondazione Prada’s group exhibition, “Give Me Yesterday”, in Milan, Italy, opening December 2016.


Please introduce yourself to MAPS readers.

Hello, my name is Izumi Miyazaki. I’m 23 years old. I started taking self-portrait 5 years ago. I have never been to Korea, so I want to visit. I heard there are so many amazing dishes.


Do you remember the moment you started taking picture of yourself?

Yes. I started it when I was in first year of university. In photograph class, we had to submit 10 picture in 2weeks. We could take pictures of anything except sky and cat. I wanted to take picture of my family or friend. But anybody didn’t let me do it. So I had no choice but to take myself.


Do you think your photo would look different if you didn’t feel lonely?

It’s difficult. My feeling looks like lonely but it isn’t. I think it’s an inferiority complex. If I really have confidence, I wouldn’t continue self-portrait.


Do you want to take a picture of others someday?

Actually, I occasionally do it.


Who do you want to take a picture of, if you could choose anybody?

I have many people who I want to do it. If I was to say it, I want to take pics of Ringo Sheena. She is a singer-songwriter. She has been my star since 10 years ago.


What was your first camera that you owned and what do you use now?

My first camera was “optio RS1000” from PENTAX. And now, I use eoskiss X5 from canon.


What is your creative process like?

First, an idea hits me, and I try to make it. Sometimes better idea comes to me halfway, then I change it.  


How important is the Internet in your creative life?

If there isn’t Internet in this world, my photos wouldn’t be seen from people. I think my photos complete when people see them. So I can’t stop using it.


Do you take photos everyday? If so, how many approximately?

No. I mostly do it on weekend.


What do you do in your free time?

I watch my favorite drama or browse online shopping mall. I’m impressed with beauty of clothes.


What do you like to do except photography?

I like trip and eating.


What is the biggest anxiety for now?

It’s that everyone goes to death.


Is there any city that you want to live for a moment?

I want to live in Iceland. I want to enjoy big hot spring everyday.

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