Vol.111_Michael Scoggins

Michael Scoggins from New York, United States.

Editor_Jihyun Yi


What were you like in childhood?

I was shy but very friendly. I enjoyed drawing and reading. My mind would wander a lot and it still does today. I have an overactive imagination.

How many pieces have toy made your giant notebook drawing?

Probably a few hundred? I truthfully have never added them all up.

How long does it takes for making a piece of work?

The average is about a week. I spent a lot of time drawing lines and also working in the sketchbook.

Do you think explanation is need for art?

No. I can’t always be there to explain concepts so a work of art must stand on its own. Plus I think the viewer should come to their own conclusion.

What makes something art?

I think anything could be considered Art. Art is about ideas and if those ideas are presented in a unique and interesting way then it’s Art.

What makes you keep making art?

I don’t know what I would do if I could not make art. It is a part of me like eating and sleeping.

What kind of impact do you hope that your work has?

I hope to make people think outside of what they are comfortable with. I want to connect with the viewer.

Do you believe the world will become better?

I truly hope so.

What is political?

All Art is political. If it is not then it is simply decoration.

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